Institute of Pharmacovigilance

We are proud to be part of the team who launched the Institute of Pharmacovigilance into the world to become a global authority in the field of drug safety. We developed the brand identity from scratch. Take a look at how we did it.

There are two types of authorities - playful or serious. Do you remember at school how some teachers earned our respect because we feared them, while others earned our respect because we loved them? We chose to take the challenge and follow the playful path with IPV.

Global brand & applications

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Both digital and in real world, you bring your brand to life with each application you create. We were lucky enough to partner with IPV on developing a whole set of marketing tools. What was the delivery. Brand positioning, logo and identity, branding, website launch, certification package, social media package and graphic design overall.












Year: 2021
Art Director: David Hovorka
Delivery: Brand positioning, marketing strategy, logo and identity, website design, 360 digital and offline branding, social media workshop, competency guidelines, graphic design 

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